Brief Introduction of Review Course

• Length of course: 45 Days
• Price: $575.00

IN-CLASS COURSE (currently not available)
• Length of course: 4 weeks
• Price: $400.00
• All materials provided

Materials Covered:

• Intensive instructions on understanding the critical concepts of nursing, through review of the nursing process. Normal vs. abnormal by understanding the disease process of our body systems.
• Understanding interpretation of major lab values.
• Important concepts of following the various types of isolation & guidelines for sterile field & Aseptic techniques.
• Major problems associated with Immobility.
• Various Comorbidity factors (DM, HTN,CAD) can lead to multi-system failure.
• Understanding Medications & major side effects & possible complications of treatment vs. non-treatment (informed consent).
• Drug calculations.
• Importance of knowing the role of a nurse as the patients advocate.
• Knowledge of preventive care (Immunizations/smoking vs. non-smoking).
• Various major diseases & conditions (affecting ones quality of life) – cancers, Alzheimer’s, strokes, etc.
• Psychological conditions – depression and bipolar disorders, etc.
• Test taking strategies (understanding & pinpointing clue words) with emphasis on prioritizing, delegation, and chain of command.