I owe it to Sheila’s Review for passing my NCLEX after 5 years of being unsuccessful in many other review courses. The other review classes and courses were confusing and made me doubt myself on the answers I knew! Sheila’s Review gave me the confidence I needed to take the knowledge I have and apply it to every question. Sheila is the driving force behind me PASSING my RN Boards and giving me the career I’ve always dreamed of! I’m so appreciative of her and her compassion as a teacher and her skill set as a Nurse. Thank you Sheila for everything!

Elizabeth B., RN

Hey Ms. Sheila, this is Ashley and I wanted to let you know that I PASSED MY NCLEX EXAM!!!!! Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!!

Ashley R.

You make things click. I will be an RN because of you!

Marva T. (Keiser University, RN Graduate)

I can definitely see improvement in my comprehension of how to put the knowledge together.

Teresa B. (FSCJ, LPN Graduate)

This course is very good, very detailed and so full of understanding the material. I see things in a whole different light.

Carrie K.

This review is one of the best out there.

Naterial J. (Excellsior, RN Graduate)

This course is excellent. I really learned a lot from it.

Marie A. (FSCJ, LPN Graduate)

Sheila’s course teaches you to “take the test and not let the test take you.”

Meridith E. (Medical College of GA., RN Graduate)

I learned so many things in a different aspect, that I did not learn in nursing school. Those very things, gained me the ability to now say, “I am Erika, your nurse today!”

Erika A. (Augusta State University, RN Graduate)

Because of your teaching, prayers and encouragement, I am now Mary B. RN.

Mary B. (Augusta State University, RN Graduate)

Thank you for your wonderful teaching and guidance.

Nancy P. (RN Graduate)

I cannot find words to express my gratitude and my thanks to you for taking so much time to teach us. You really take time to prepare the material so that it stays with us forever.


Sheila unlocked things in me during her review that I never realized were in me.

Krishna B. (FSCJ, RN Graduate)

Without you as an individual and instructor I would not have been blessed and highly favored to pass my RN NCLEX on the very first attempt.

Annette F.

Thanks for your support, your dedication, your compassion and your encouragement. As I told you, you don’t know how many dreams you make come true, how many people that can smile again because of you. I am one of them.

Jean S. (LPN Graduate)

Your program was excellent. You made all the pieces fit together. You have made my biggest dream come true, to be an RN.

Jennifer S.

I wish I had found your class before I wasted time with the other two courses. You were the BEST and put everything in perspective.

Sarah M. (FSCJ, RN Graduate)